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Friday, August 21, 2009

$12 Teextile: My Dream

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It's mystical, it's magical.

Mr./Mrs. Puff here has been lassoed by its creator/dreamer, Robson. He/She's breathing what I can only guess must be watercolor-induced vomit...I mean fire. I like the effect. I just had to bring that up--it was funny to me.

Don't get any fluid buildup in those liquid hot magma/tinted water lungs, Mr./Mrs. Puff. We wouldn't want you to go dormant on us. Cool idea. I don't have cool dreams like this--mine usually involve being naked in front of a crowd or looking desperately for some old lady's (who I've never met) keys under a never-ending couch cushion. Got any good ones? Consider designing a shirt. Unscramble the bolds to reveal my favorite dragon movie.