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Monday, August 10, 2009

$12 Uneetee: Heading South For The Winter

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Now I'm not normally the type of person to subscribe to the seasonal aspect of fashion --I've been known to white after labor day, t-shirts in the winter and long sleeves in the summer-- but there's just something amiss with Uneetee's decision to sell this fall-inspired t-shirt in the middle of the summer...or the end if all these back to school sales are to be believed.

Againstbound, who won $1500 for this design by the way, has added beautiful details and features that you may not be able to pick out at first glance. The leaves look like friendly little creatures and there's actually a baby tree in the bike basket. All these smiling faces help lighten the vibe you get from the somewhat somber posture of the big tree.Back to the subject of discrepancies....what? You already forgot we were talking about things that don't quite fit? Well, Today's $10 t-shirt is called The New Guy, but there's no guy to be found.

All you're gonna find on this shirt are visual representations of the beautiful music that comes from the bird-enticing "just plain old better" crankshaft phonograph.