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Saturday, August 29, 2009

$9 TeeFury: Alien Invasion

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  1. We love aliens.
  2. We love obnoxious vintage how-to guides.
  3. We love t-shirts.
Everything seems in order here. It runs the risk of looking like something you pick up from a gag-gift shop, which isn't necessarily bad unless you consider any t-shirt coming from TeeFury that doesn't have a weird flying octopus owl robot monster a wasted opportunity. In which case, we understand.

It's rockin' on the yellow - it fits the retro kickback better. But even if you're a man (or man-shirt wearer) and stuck with the "silver" version do what the shirt says and order now. And pick up some shampoo "for those stubborn aliens."

Vigorously probed by: radiomode