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Thursday, August 27, 2009

$9 TeeFury: The Gelatinously Rebellious Miscreants of Doctor Roboto

3 pennies earned

Um, domo arigato?.. Kevin Luong draws some radical things. And I don't mean radical as in "Dude, totally awesome"; I mean radical as in out there!

This tee is a more pg-13 version of Monsters vs. Aliens. A "grown-up" cartoon creature fight, you might say. And although I'm not such a fan of brains and eyeballs and slimy creatures, I like Luong's artistic style. What would be even better is if the gelatinous guy's body, and just the eyeballs of the brain-creature glowed in the dark. Freaky!

3 pennies earned:

bo said...

really neat character. fav.

Mike said...

this is my favorite shirt of the day.

Cababababage said...

My favorite of today's.
I'm not sure about the design on a shirt, but I do like it.
I love the golden glow on the brain and stuff.

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