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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

$9 TeeFury: Noooooooooo!

4 pennies earned

Oh, that's just wrong. This is why I could never eat a gingerbread man. You, sir Ready (and the people that wrote Shrek), have made it impossible for sensitive people like me to ever be able to take a bite out of Gingy!

Not only do thoughts of cannibalism enter my brain, but they are often accompanied by nightmares of retaliation, should I ever work up the nerve (e.g. the GIANT one)!

Here's the thing, though: was this just a friendship, or an exclusive twosome? Because I think both of those are guys...Well, more power to the doughboys.

Discover some key ingredients for great-tasting gingerbread men within each paragraph--I told you to practice. They're scrambled, Thomas.

...And that's the way the cookie gets amputated.

4 pennies earned:

Anonymous said...

err, nutmeg is in there...



Eden said...

I also have no idea...where's Thomas and his "bring it" mentality now?

Jaime said...

I know! hmph.

Wes Shull said...

cinnamon, molasses, nutmeg.

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