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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

$9 TeeFury: Pumahedron

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Clouds + Pine Branches x Puma = Pumahedron with little sparkly stars on the bottom.

Now, this is strictly my opinion, but I believe the shirt might be more symmetrical with geometric clouds instead of circular, puffy ones. It feels like it's missing something...Oooh, I know!

The puma needs a pouncing target. Birds in the tree might work. Maybe some type of small, furry woodland creature? At any rate, he/she needs a purpose in the design--kinda like it's lurking for no reason. Though I've never seen a live puma, I get the gist of majestic mathematical cat life from Enora's design.

Feel the need to get in touch with your wild, calculating side? Find 2 other names for pumas and 1 other geometrical shape within each paragraph!