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Friday, August 7, 2009

$9 TeeFury: Superfly

3 pennies earned

Haven't seen that symbol, known for its sacredness throughout all of the comic world in a while. I'm feeling the need to express my thoughts in poetic form...

The Superfly, in all his might
Gives bad guys a super fright
His super wings of super flight
Along with the power of super sight
Bring down villains with weapons trite
Compared to this quite formidable knight,
Cloaked in armor of impenetrable tergites
No one in all the world can defeat the...

Oh, no, but wait!
Don't render this terrible fate!
I beg you, old man,
I know he's resting upon your hand,
Give him but a small moment, and he will be away
Thestray knows he's the only one that can save the day!!!
How could you think such a horrible thought--
You and your giant swatter hold a severely abhorrent plot...

Oh well, it's over.
Ok, man, that's just overkill. He's gone! We should all sing a song...
Both of the above octets contain a scrambled fly body part. Hurry, Thomas! Beat the others!

3 pennies earned:

Wes Shull said...

If the fly had a Shaft kind of thing going on, then it'd be a fun pun, but... meh.

Second word clearly 'proboscis'... first word, I haven't a clue. 'space', but what's that got to do with a fly? Could be part of 'spiracle', minus a few letters... gonna have to declare self-fail on this.

Thomas said...

It could be capes. Capes make you fly, right?

Or paces.

Or scape.

Yeah. I don't know.

Jaime said...

It's scape--it's a part of the antenna.

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