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Sunday, August 2, 2009

$9...$6! TeeFury: Teevil Omnibus

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How nice of TeeFury! They've helped out our under-paid wallets yet again with some great number-flipping action (you'll have to click the picture to see that)! That little devil bird is so cute--I instantly thought of the bird that dips its head into the water glass!

Don't worry, you don't have to click the "Buy Now" button right when the bird flips the 9 to a 6 to get this awesome price (which is what I thought when I first glanced at it!). The price is fixed!

As those of you that stopped by for TeeFury's last collab shirt know, this frock is the second of its kind, covered with 35 uniquely personal designs from the masses of contributing teefuryans. Below the detail of the t-shirt is a numbered design map for relatively easy location of each artistic offering used. Visit their site to see the list of names that match the numbered map!

*Hint: the reason why they're making these shirts is hidden in this review! (Or you could just go to the site and you'll get your answer with less decoding...No, there's no prize).

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