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Monday, August 24, 2009

Donkey Tees: 30% Off Coupon & Tshirts from $10

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If you were paying attention in early June you might remember the randomest random t-shirt sale. Well, Look at Me Shirts is back with another wacky sale idea, and this time they're not even Look at Me Shirts anymore. Nope! They've merged with Donkey Tees to become a bigger, badder, better online tshirt juggernaut...or something like that.

Their wacky new oddball sale scheme works in reverse of Shirt a Day's model. When they first debut a new design it's on sale for $10. As more people buy the shirt, they raise the price to $12, then $14 and incrementally all the way up to $18. It pays to check them out every so often if you're in the mood for coffeeshop, college humor, one world, pop cultural or seasonal t-shirts. Perhaps you'll get in there early and find a good $10 shirt.

If you happen to find that shirt sometime between now and the 30th of September you can save 30% on your purchase with the coupon LAMS.