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Thursday, August 6, 2009

{Miles to Go}: 40% Off Coupon

1 penny earned

{Miles to Go} has an awesome, often dark, line of shirts that scream "look at me...but don't look too long or hard or I may have to teach you a lesson!" Alright, so maybe they don't scream that, but they definitely intone something along those lines.

Now through Friday night/early Saturday morning you can save a whopping 40% off their prices with the coupon school. That means you can actually get some of their sale items --like the shirt pictured below-- for less than $9 shipped to your US address. Sizes are limited, but their vision is unlimited, so that has to balance out somehow...right?Thanks for the tip, Esther!

1 penny earned:

Victor said...

Noo! The hoodie is sold out. I'm not sure if I wanted it but I want a hoodie.

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