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Monday, August 3, 2009

Okoto: $10 Absurdi-Tee and Exclusive 10% Coupon

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If you've found yourself missing our regular updates of the The Ryde's $12 InsaniTee, you'll be very happy to discover their contemporary, Okoto. Not only are they also a surf-inspired label with a penchant for including their name on many products, they also offer their own version of the InsaniTee, a weekly $10 Absurdi-Tee which you can always find in the garage sale section of their site. And if the garage sale isn't cheap enough for you, we recommend you check out the 6minus area of their storefront, were everything is $5 and under.

Although they claim that their label is all about balance, we're happy to see that they don't allow themselves to be boxed in by the printer's limitations; taking advantage of the space of the shirt, especially shoulder space, to create aesthetically appealing asymmetry.

If you're picking anything up, make sure you use our handy exclusive coupon, shirtsonsale, for 10% savings now through August 15th.

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