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Monday, August 17, 2009

Shirt.Woot Announces Weekly "Classics" Shirt

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Big thanks to SoS reader coren for alerting us that Shirt.Woot has just introduced their newest line of shirts to complement their daily and Derby-winning shirts: Woot Classics. Classics will be available on a week-by-week basis for $20 each Monday at midnight, meaning once a Classic passes it's week-long journey, it's completely gone. Forever. Never coming back. So get 'em while you can!

A few interesting notes: each Classic will be either a Redux (exact recreation) or a Remix, meaning it will be a slight tweak to the design: different colored inks, a different color shirt, or possibly a mash of all three of those. Classics will have a special tag noting the original sell date of the shirt, artist, etc. Also, anyone who bought a copy of the original shirt will receive a presumably one-time-use $5 coupon off the purchase of the Classic version. This code can be used by you or given to a friend, but expires after the Classic is done its week! Cool, huh?

The first attempt in this new endeavor is the very first Shirt.Woot shirt ever, Sore Thumbs. A Redux shirt in its original form, it features (nearly) every standard console controller from history, it's been a fan favorite and stuck around for quite a while until finally Reckoned. You can pick it up all week long at a price of $20.

And speaking of that $20, the value is already a topic of hot discussion in today's Shirt.Woot SoS comments. We at SoS attribute the increased cost to re-making shirt screens for one-week-only use, but it's also a limited-edition run. We like to think of it as adding these designs back to the currently-available Woot catalog at a small $5 price bump from the $15 they'd usually be. Shirt.Woot user Darquis2 even suggested the first-day price be $15, and then bump to $20 for the rest of the week. Not a bad idea! Our question to you, dear readers, is how much would you pay to have you favorite shirt available again.. is $20 the number?

So bookmark the Shirt.Woot Classics page and check back each week to see what's in store, and we'll keep you posted, of course! We see Cool Breeze, Say No To Scurvy, and Zombie Season as likely candidates.. what Classics would you guys like to see come back to life?