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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You Like Me! Right Now You Like Me!

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Although it's almost always misquoted as something along the lines of, "You love me! You really love me!" Sally Field actually said, "You like me! Right now you like me!" Don't believe me? Bet that changed your tune.

So why is the nominal face of this website going on and on and on about a Sally Field Academy Awards Oscar acceptance speech from 1985? Well, I tabulated all the "likes" from yesterday's free teextile giveaway and guess what...

You like me! Right now you like me!

That's right! Yours truly garnered the most "likes" (5) before the debut of today's TeeFury and I'm walking away with a free t-shirt. Just so you know, I might have been a Moonwalking Cheerleader but I couldn't get the video to work, as Youtube seems to be "maintaining" right now. So, anyway, imagine the bowling alley girl doing what she's doing and wearing today's $12 teextile deal, because that's what I'll be is the only non-bird shirt offering of the week.

After hearing that news, I realize that you may not really like me "right now." I mean, who knew I was even eligible? Being the understanding person that I am, I'm happy to give you a little time to cool off and get a little perspective on the situation. I mean, it's not really that big a slight, right?

I'm going to head to the hills for a week while you remember the good times together and realize there's nothing to keep us from reconciling in the near future. Don't forget that we're giving away a free t-shirt next week too.

So if you don't hear much from me in the near future, it's not because I'm absconding with the goods...

In the meantime, the team's all here and ready to make peace.