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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

$10 RIPT Apparel: Lion

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I thought I had seen everything when it came to having the king of the jungle on a t-shirt. Boy, do I stand corrected. Tonight's design, simply entitled, "lion," is brilliant. Simple, yet unique and striking. The lion's head is realistic, like the imprint that might form on the back of your eyelid after seeing him.

While this reminds me of Uneetee's King Leo, I have to give kudos to Nathan Opdahl. His design isn't overly stylized, but there is something new with the image on the shirt itself. It looks like a splat of mud on the side of a Jeep. The kind that might be patrolling the Serengeti. The effect is indescribable. Awesome. Ghostly.

Regal, and terrifying. Just what every jungle Monarch should inspire.