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Friday, September 18, 2009

$10 RIPT Apparel: Sea Monsters can Love Too

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So that's what all the waves in Lake Loch Ness are about! It's just Nessie trying to get a little tail.

Nah, he's a sweetheart, though. He's not really a player. He just wants a fairytale romance in the middle of all this myth and legend. Is that so much to ask? Just another sea monster to slap fins and scare the locals with.

Lucky for him, looks like he's found it. A charming serpentine lady to warm his waters on a cold night. By the look on her face, she enjoys being with this lovable water horse, as much as he loves being with her. A match made in the sea, I'd say!

Thanks loly_pop, for tonight's aquatic adventure.

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