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Saturday, September 12, 2009

$10 RIPT Apparel:Bellyfish

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I'm glad I've never seen this kind of jellyfish before. Although, I guess it's not a jellyfish, but a bellyfish. Yes, you heard me. The newest gelatinous scorn of the deep.

Man's hairy beer belly, combing the waters for his next victim. It is still unknown whether his dark, curling tentacles, made from human hair, are poisonous. To me, it wouldn't matter. Having those sweaty, and probably greasy hairs on me would be enough.

Interesting idea, but probably not the best plan to have it on gray. Makes the design look a little weird, considering its fleshy tones. Looks like something got stuck on the shirt by accident.
Tonight's new species brought to you by: Dave Butler

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