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Saturday, September 5, 2009

$10 Teefury: Leo

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That's right folks, another lion enters the ring. Unlike the previous designs, this one actually shows a little teeth. And a lot of mouth. This ferocious beastie is one in a long line of regal kings. I refer to Uneetee's King Leo, and RIPT Apparel's Lion, from earlier this week.

Like the monarchs before him, this guy has his own aura of power. Leo definitely has a lot more fury than his predecessors. But then again, look where it's being hosted. TeeFury. (Okay, that was bad, I admit it).

But in the end, the fact is this, my friends: DCAY's lion makes you respect him. Now make others respect you even more, by wearing this shirt.

Personally, I wish it was in color, though. You don't see a lot of those.