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Thursday, September 17, 2009

$12 Teextile: Extras!

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Nice change of pace, and I must say, a great overall composition and concept!

Who wouldn't like to have 4 arms? I can count sooo many possible upsides as opposed to downsides:
1. You get to make your own clothes and create new fashions for other 4-armed people.
2. Do you have 2 of those right hand rings that you wish you could wear at the same time? Now you can.
3. You can do a hand stand with less of a balance problem.
4. You get cool nicknames like "quad" and "4-way".

The shirt's designer, Tobiasfonseca must have seen the positive points as well--obviously, he likes the idea of super-multitasking. And maybe he likes a little bit-o-matrix, too.