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Monday, September 7, 2009

$12 Teextile: Into the Void

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I've been waiting my entire life to see the day that someone comes up with a design incorporating an astronaut in space (an acceptable scene) somehow tied in with a skull (a completely-out-of-left-field thing). The day has arrived, and it just isn't quite what I had in mind, I guess.

The shirt's great--the whole idea of a mouth for a black hole that's sucking this poor fella/gal into its never-ending gape. Also, the skull foreshadows imminent death and some possible chomping in the near future. Cool tie-in with the stringy-things, since any space walker would normally be tethered to something. Good call on that one, Spacemonkeydr. Cool colors, too. Bolds=favorite planet (and yes, I still count 9--take that, Neil deGrasse Tyson!).