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Saturday, September 12, 2009

$9 TeeFury: Spacebook

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Here's the latest craze in networking sites, tailored purely to Star Warians.

Hogboy is the creator of this ultimately nerdy virtual hangout (maybe they'll stay out of our cooler sites and stop making stupid fan clubs that think they're better than the other fan clubs for the same thing).

Why did it take this long to produce a shirt of this nature? Heck, there's a site for the real "Mavericks" out there that just have to go against the flow--it's called facespace.

Oh, yeah, and this should remind all you book/space people to watch what you put on your site! Your boss knows how to use the interweb, and he/she will shake his/her fist at you with a Darth helmet on! (Bolds=An Article Title from the Huffington Post).