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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Here a Sale, There a Sale, Everywhere a Sale Sale

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So what would the price-point of shirt be for you to say, "how could I pass up this deal!?" For us, it's hard not to look at a $10 shirt sale, but we won't spend too long weighing the pros and cons of the tees. Now a $5 t-shirt sale, though, would probably get us considering tees we otherwise might pass over at standard retail prices. Reverie Apparel is hoping that you'll feel the same and is again offering their entire stock of t-shirts for only $5.Now Retro Plus Tees believes that their t-shirts are so good as to warrant the more discriminating $10 price point. Previously, we've only seen their shirts go down to $12, so it's nice to know that the end of summer always promises lower prices and new designs. Ahhhhh...back to school season is so bittersweet.While it's not a storewide sale, ShirtFight currently has a Mathiole's Sensationalism on sale today for only $13. You've only got twelve hours to take advantage of this sale before they debut another shirt at that low price --and then they reassess their business plan.You know, there are people out there who don't feel comfortable in their clothes unless they've spent a minimum amount of money on them. Those people likely don't read this website often, but you never know. Those people may not feel bad about purchasing a tshirt during the current Walkie Talkie t-shirt sale where you can find everything on sale for $15 through Labor Day.Those price-aware (not to be confused with cost-conscious) readers who live across the pond may appreciate Chimpogo's September Sale, where you can find all shirts for only £15. Of course, these sale prices aren't just restricted to those of the European persuasion as they now offer shipping to the UK and Europe for only £1 while the rest of us are only saddled with a £2 liability.And if you find yourself looking at your t-shirt closet --yes, we know you have enough to warrant their own closet-- and wishing you had a limited-edition shirt that you go on sale, you should check out the two newest offerings from EndangeredWear, now on sale for $17.99 and pictured below.