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Thursday, September 3, 2009

See Two Entrants Lucky, Learning About Rewards

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Alright, so the title for this celebratory update could have been better, but if I spent hours thinking up something that uses the S.T.E.L.L.A.R! acronym, like our many contestants, you wouldn't get nearly as witty a post about the two winners of our most recent free t-shirt giveaway.

Ryan, who removed himself from the competition because "he just likes this stuff" --and happens to be on our payroll-- had the best suckup response of the bunch:

Shirtsonsale, The E-sale Link Leader, All Right!

But we don't just cater to suckups. No. We pride ourselves on our fair and balanced coverage of sales, deals and contests -- did we just quote Fox News? Had we not been so fair, we would have awarded one of the tshirts to Ellavemia, who offered the lovely sentiment: "Seeking To Enjoy Life, Love And Rainbows." Unfortunately for her, it struck a little too close the earlier-submitted "Space Traveler Exploring Love Life Above Rainbow" by abilien. But if you too loved Ellavemia's words we recommend you support her organic endeavors -- heck, we sent her $5 for blueberry bushes.

The first winner, and owner of the very first comment in the contest, was Ahsta who warns us that "Space Tankers Expel Loafing Laborers Along Rainbows..."

We're happy to offer her a free teextile shirt of her choice from this week's offerings for her visual phraseology. Who ever said that the early bird gets the shirt knew what they were talking about!

Oddly enough, the very second comment in the giveaway also caught our attention. birdbrain, whose been known to do some interesting tweeting, "sums it up pretty perfectly" with the creative "Serendipitous Terrestrials Enjoy Life's Loopy Alternate Realities." Of course, if we picked that one as the winner you'd just think we were being lazy.

Instead, the winner of this actual shirt from Tilteed is thebassman who explains the pitfalls of finding your fun in the outer cosmos: "Space Tubing Equals Lonely Laughing Along Rainbows." sad.

Congratulations to both winners --we'll get in touch via email-- and thank you everyone for your creative answers. It was too difficult to choose a winner with these awesome contributions. Perhaps that's why we so often like to let the randomatron make those decisions for us.

Don't give up if you didn't win this week. We're always looking for an excuse to give away free shirts. Make sure you stop by and read the fine print for your next chance to win. And no, that's probably not a hint...but it might be.