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Friday, September 11, 2009

ShirtaDay: AAAA Stands for...

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Surprise of all surprises, at this point it looks like SaD is continuing yesterday's sale.  But my...what a perfect opportunity for us to share with you the winner of yesterday's contest, announced right here in an SaD update.

This is what you said AAAA really stands for
edwardblake just finished his month of "probration" with Alcoholics Against Anonymous Alcoholics
barfcat recommended A(u)nts Against AArdvarks
Victor put forth Amino Acid Adoption Agency
Bonnie goes off on Marc Brown with the fictional Aardvarks Against Arthur Association
Even though Renae isn't elgible, she gave us Advancing Anteaters Ate Ants

birdfeed expressed his inner-self with Awaiting An Award Ardently
polishkatie's remarkably accurate response was anti acronym association of america (also submitted by @ecctv & @artoholicanonms who also offered up Artoholics Anonymous Announcing Artwork)
leks suggested the self-evident Association for the Acclaim and Advancement of Aleks!
dunz0 advocated for the Alliance of Armpit Angle Analysts
Thomas Neely sneezed out Ahh.. Ahh... AhCHOO! ...Aww just before the closing bell.

And the winner --according to our digital hat draw-- is artoholicanonms!  Congratulations and best of luck to the Artoholics Anonymous Announcing Artwork.  Thank you, everyone, for your entertaining contributions.

Come back next week for another chance and fame, fortune and free t-shirts.