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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ShirtaDay: Push Button Receive Bacon

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Join us as we wave goodbye to the boobalicious bacon-delight that is Shirt a Day.  Yes, this is the very last SaD tshirt we're covering -- at least in the foreseeable future.  Fortunately they've given us so many wonderful laughs, pop-culture references and lovely artwork...upon which to sharpen our snarkalicious teeth.

Thank you SaD for the splendid relationship we've nurtured since October 2, 2007.  Time and again we've rebuffed our readers' requests to remove you from our rolls.  But you know what?  The readers were right!  The time has finally come to expunge your often unoriginal and poorly executed tshirts from our daily roundup of sales.

Rather than break up with with any hard feelings, we'd like to remember you for the goodness you brought into our lives and hope you do the same.  (WARNING: that link's a huge freakin' page to load -- every single Shirt a Day tshirt we've ever covered)

To celebrate your excommunication, we're giving away a free tshirt to someone who eulogizes you well.  Anyone who leaves a comment here within the next 44 hours with reference to their favorite (or just a darn good) Shirt a Day t-shirt will be entered to win a teextile teeshirt of their choice.  One entry per person and only those who haven't won a prize from SoS in the past 31 days are eligible to win.  But if you have won something recently, we're still interested to see what SaD tee stands out for you.