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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vintage Vantage: $10 T-shirts + Coupons

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Vintage Vantage has a great shtick going on at their place.  Aware of the flooded market for comedy t-shirts, they find, create and elevate retro humor to a fine art.  Alright, so maybe "fine art" isn't the most accurate term, but they've definitely got some great ideas hidden under those acid-washed bell bottoms -- yes, that's just an unnecessary conflation of two "classic" styles.

They're in the process of making room for more timeless masterpieces and we get the benefits with a clearance sale.  Any of the tees on this page are $10 or less --I found an $8 tshirt mixed in there--and you might even be able to use the following coupon codes to save even more.  Thanks to some industrial action on our part, we were able to score 25% off your orders with the coupon agentsos.  Of course, if you were a really savvy shopper, you would probably try to use either facebook or myspace first to see if you could save 33% on your order.