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Friday, October 2, 2009

$10 Ten Bills: Grunge Logo & Daily Tees

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Looks like Ten Bills was able to predict we would have a nice empty slot just waiting for a new daily t-shirt sale to cover.  Seeing Ten Bills move to a daily $10 American Apparel tee ($2 domestic shipping and...gulp...$10 international) just makes us feel that much better about our decision to remove Shirt a Day from our roles.  This is especially true considering Tilteed has recently scaled back their production from one shirt every three days to one a week, and they were a big motivating factor in that decision.

To start of the parade of excellent, Ten Bills is offering this grunge version of their logo all weekend long.  We're positive that this isn't indicative of the quality to come as they've been ramping up their quality for quite a while now.