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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

$10 Uneetee: Dream

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One of the things that makes Comment Appreciation Month so much fun is that we get to hear from people like stevenneo? In what appears be  agreement with birdfeed (what a name! & the first winner of our Comment Appreciation Month) when he says of the $6 Uneetee Mystery shirt:

it is not even a good deal coz $6 + shipping = a shirt woot which I can choose.

frankly speaking, shirt woot still offers the best mystery tee deal ever. uneetee $6 tee is weak with the addition of shipping cost while the last teefury grab bag is getting a lot of negative feedback.
Thanks to his insightful and contentious comment, he's just won a free t-shirt of his choice from Tank Theory, who happen to still be offering 40% off all their tees at this very moment...but not for long.  Congratulations!! (That's Congratulations!! to stevenneo, not Tank Theory, btw)  And in light of the new FTC guidelines, it doesn't hurt to point out that these shirts are provided to us for free by Tank Theory.  But if we give it away, that doesn't count as payolla, right?

Enough Legal Eagles, you want your chance to win a free shirt too, don't you?  Well, we're giving away a free teextile shirt from their Halloween line to one lucky comment.  In honor of today's $10 Insaneetee let us know which Uneetee $6 Mystery Tshirt would fulfill your dreams.  Include a link of the tee's appearance on Shirts on Sale (our searchbox in the top right corner really helps for this sort of thing) to enter the giveaway.

One entry per person except for quality comments which may be counted more than once.  And if you've won a teextile tshirt from SoS in the past month you are, sadly, ineligible --unless your accompanying comment is Super-Awesome!