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Thursday, October 22, 2009

$12 teextile: Rock Out, Rebel Scum!

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Okay. Let's talk. I'm not the target market for this t-shirt. I'm aware of that. I have no issues with Star Wars, but I have little attraction to it either. What I do admire about the image is the cleanness of its line, the jolliness of its color, and the all-around affability of its design.

For a truer review, though, I shall channel an invented figure who is a mix between my brother and my brother-in-law: "Well, dude, they got the f'in' mask right, but the rest of the body is kind of shitty, you know? I mean, look at how fat his chest is. And where are all the details? George Lucas would have totally done this better. But I mean it's okay. I'd wear it. Even though the stormtrooper looks like he's wearing Depends and his left leg looks like it's coming out of his d***."

So yeah, Aegis. I would totally buy this as a gift for certain f'in' weirdo Rebel Scum family members.