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Monday, October 12, 2009

$12 Teextile: Spaced Bunny Funny Whotsit

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With a name like that, the shirt's gotta be (at the very least) from another dimension.

I'm not pointing fingers, but last time I saw a design with blue fading into yellow, its artist had eaten a few sugar cubes. Did Heavyhand take a heavy hit? Maybe too much, too much...

Eh, well, I enjoy happy-go-lucky Van Gogh bunnies and jelly bean things and pissed off, teethed marshmallows. Lollipops, mushrooms, stars, random claws, circular wavy things, and a scary/possibly hungry thumb character will accompany you on any adventures you'd like to take.

Don't feel alone. Take these excellent sight-seers with you as you enhance your life's journey.