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Sunday, October 18, 2009

$9 TeeFury: Elektromusik

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It's rare to find a t-shirt with as good a tale:

"Marooned on a distant planet, murky and unexplored... as you climb out of the wreckage of your smashed shuttle, a towering figure emerges from the shadows. Huge, metallic, and imposing, you cower as he reaches forward... But suddenly, the air fills with techno music and disco lights explode across this alien landscape. It's an intergalactic dance party, and you're the guest of honor! I love the future." - Conker about his design, Elektromusik

When I see the tee, my brain tells me the salvia trip isn't over. It's got me so I'm seeing red (but that's a good thing in the month of October...Daddy wants a break from black). $9 today takes you to a whole new frontier tomorrow.