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Thursday, October 29, 2009

$9 TeeFury: Pirata

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In honor of Say Something Nice week (which I invented), I will only say kind things about this . . . shirt.

The color is dark chocolate, which makes me want to eat those chocolate covered espresso beans on my counter. The pirate's teeth remind me to floss. The parrot reminds me that Poe originally entitled his most famous poem "The Parrot" and then changed it when he realized how silly that sounded. I wouldn't absolutely refuse to sleep with someone wearing this shirt (though I would seriously consider it). I don't think purchasing this shirt necessarily means that you are "inadequate" (if I ain't bein' too subtle). The colors of the image will fit in perfectly anywhere you go (if you only frequent carnivals and XXX Video Stores). The artist's name is sweetaffair, and oh how we all desire one of those.

Yo ho ho give me a bottle of rum. Being nice is thirsty work.