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Monday, October 26, 2009

Serenitee $12 @Uneetee

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Is it fair to say that C0y0te7's chalk or pastel-looking design is reminiscent of a certain Starry Night?

This shirt conjures up and compares the contours of the sea and air, oddly tumultuous for a tshirt that purports to induce serenity. In regards to that motive, the muted colors are a an excellent choice for the subject matter.

With so many printers willing to print "outside the box" for a reasonable price, it's tough to see a design like this get squared off.

And speaking of designs that take over the tee, you also have the option of picking up this similarly-colored t-shirt for only $10 today.  the110 takes a totally different, and much more visceral view of a night time scene with a bat and splatters plastered across the front and sleeves.