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Friday, October 2, 2009

Comment Appreciation Month T-shirt Giveaways!

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Before we launch into an explanation of our newest month-long contest, we have some awarding to do.  We asked you to help us send off Shirt a Day with fond thoughts and memories.  Most took the opportunity to highlight t-shirts at SaD that explained their own complicated relationship with their shirts.  It's funny to note that both Dunz0 and Coren selected Will You Trade Shirts With Me -- for obvious reasons.  We haven't quite figured out why Coren copied dunz0's response word-for-word, but there's gotta be a good explanation there.

We weren't surprised to see another disparaging shirt, Game Over, also hit the list of SaD standouts.  Fortunately for all involved, though, the Randomatomometer choose a winner who actually pointed to a t-shirt that makes her chuckle: Procrastinators, Leaders of Tomorrow.  That's right, Renae A won a free teextile shirt of her choice from this week's collection!  Congratulations Renae.

But that's not the only prize we're giving away today.  Just in case you missed the announcement, we've just started our third Comment Appreciation Month -- the only one of its kind on the Internet.  And while we initially intended to reward a single commenter with over $100 in t-shirty goodness, we realize that would really make this Commenter Appreciation Month.  We've heard you say "oh no" and "this month is too busy for me to comment on every update" and want to make this work for you.

Sorry folks, but the rules have officially changed.  Over the course of October we're going to randomly award prizes to the best, most interesting, awesome comments on our site!

There were two comments that really stood out for us over these past two days and they both had a similar impact.  dunz0's comment on Elephat got us picturing the design beyond the design when she said: "I wonder what the elephant's wearing. I know we can't see it, but I'm imagining a hot nylon sweatsuit with bright colors. Yeah, he knows how to rock it."  And birdfeed's eulogizing of Autumn Souls has forever cast this tee in a new light for us: "We have come here today, not for pleasure, but out of necessity, for it is time to prepare this tree for the offering. It will be felt from roots to stem...but it will "leave" us with happiness."

And with a virtual flip of the coin we discover that birdfeed wins this race and a shirt of his choice from Tank Theory, who are now offering 40% off all their wares!

There's no limit on the number of times you can win over the course of the month and we promise to offer up at least (but likely more than) $100 in tshirty goodness to the number one, captivating, cool-as-they-get comments you share with us.