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Monday, October 12, 2009

Time Flies $12 @Uneetee

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Uggggh.  I'm finding it very hard to say something positive about this quasi-punny design by pressplay.  Who really wants to wear a big white shirt with small groups of flies and two flyswatters acting as hour and minute hands?

On a happier note, if you're a bear person with only a tenner in your pocket, today is the day for you.  Not only can you pick up this $10 Insaneetee, RIPT Apparel also has an interesting bear shirt on sale for only $10 today.  Of course, both retailers charge shipping, so maybe that ten dollar bill in your pants won't be enough to cover the full cost of these t-shirts, but you could always beg your way to shipping money...especially if you're out there shirtless in these pre-winter days.