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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Winners? Winners. Winners!? Winners!

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If the title doesn't make sense to you right now, it will shortly...I hope.

Obviously, I'm here to let you know about the winners of a few giveaways we've recently hosted at Shirts on Sale as part of our Comment Appreciation Month --you know, the time when we say "thank you" for letting us know we're not writing into a vacuum.

As you might recall, we were lucky enough to have eFinWear offer up a bunch of free shirts on top of all their other excellent promotions for our readers, including the 25% off coupon SOS25.  All we asked in return is that you use their name, and signature catchterm, in a sentence of your choosing.  Although we're pretty impressed with the winning sentences, our resident Randometron made the final call:

Abilien made it pretty clear what he was after with the comment: "I Want eFin Free Shirt!"  Although his grammar left a little to be desired, the thought was in the right place.  We appreciate the sacharin sentiment present in Zack's winning entry: "I think this t-shirt and contest is eFin sweet =)"  And NeWtoz , the third winner of a free t-shirt, gave us the sentence that is every English teacher's bane when working with vocabulary words: "I am properly using "eFin" in a sentence. ;)"

Now if there are only three people in that winner's pool, why is there a fourth "Winners" in that title?  Well, we promised to give out prizes randomly over the month and although the top three winners were decided at random, they all knew they were entering a specific contest.  Now Mr_Muffins, on the other hand, has already contributed 54 comments since the beginning of our month of appreciation.  These have ranged from insightful to funny and pleasantly interactive.  And seeing his smiling face take over the sidebar isn't half bad either.

For his comments, Mr_Muffins has won our third and final Tank Theory t-shirt giveaway of this Comment Appreciation Month.  We would like to extend a special thank you to Tank Theory for generously supporting the Shirts on Sale community.

All winners can expect an email soon with redemption instructions and we'd like to remind you that during Comment Appreciation Month it's to your advantage to write often and write well.  You never know when we're going to hand out more great prizes and free tshirts!