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Monday, October 19, 2009

Wotto Leads the Charge of $12 Tees at

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Rather than waste your time with the inscrutable continuing sale of Uneetee's Time Flies, we'd rather introduce you to a new teetailer that just launched today,  While the name is a little hard to place, perhaps it comes from the "philanthropic" end of their business...for every shirt sold they offer up $2 in micro-loans through the service Kiva.  We like to think they're trying to dispel stupid by helping finance small start ups around the world.

The artwork for their t-shirts comes from artist contributions on the site and their own backyard.  Artists who have their single-color tshirts printed get $1 for every tee sold and the ego-boost of knowing that their shirt is being worn by smart and socially-conscious people around the world.  It looks like, because of their global focus, shipping is phenomenal wherever you may live.  While I'm just around 1,000 miles from their offices, it costs a whopping $12 for shipping.  Now I finally understand what our international readers are so up in arms about.  Hopefully this is just an opening-day glitch and all will be back to normal soon.

Their opening shirt, The Brigade, is a Wotto original.  If you took a gander at the image before reading the text and have followed us for any period of time, that probably doesn't come as a surprise to you.